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We are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate, and supportive service in an ethical manner to our home care clients.

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A comprehensive list of available health education workshops.

Here are some topics that our Trinamco speakers/health educators can cover:

  1. Cholesterol and Your Body: You can reverse the damage that cholesterol can do to your body
  2. Diabetes: You Can Live With It: Understanding how to live and manage a healthy life with diabetes
  3. Healthy Living Mind, Body, and Soul: Health is connecting all the dots in our lives
  4. Your Eyes: A Guide to Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Diabetic Retinopathy: Why it’s important to have your eyes examined
  5. Heart Disease in Men and Women: The number one killer of men and women and why
  6. Nutrition and Understanding Your Food Choices: Food as the fuel of your life
  7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Making careful choices with your partner
  8. Home Care: Health Care that Makes an Impact: How a physician-based program in the home can greatly benefit those patients most vulnerable
  9. Hospice Care: End-of-Life Caring and Your Rights: During the stressful experience of caring for someone with a terminal illness, what to expect and do
  10. Viagra and Cialis: All You Need to Know: The abuse of these medications and the implications
  11. The Living Will: How you can better prepare for the tough decisions we all must face alleviating that burden from our loved ones
  12. Cancer: Facts, Fears, and Hope: Many misconceptions, fear, myths surround this dreaded diagnosis
  13. Eating Disorders: Examining your relationship with food: Whether its obesity, overeating, or “starving”; understanding the relationship of food in our lives
  14. Alzheimer’s & Aging: They are two different things and as our population ages many people will face this dreaded diagnosis
  15. Sleep Disorders: Wanted Sweet Dreams: Almost every person alive has suffered at one point or another from some sleep disorder
  16. Migraines: This most common of ailments has its roots in many different factors
  17. Anger Management: Does Anger Control You?: How anger can ruin your health and much more
  18. Depression: A Very Personal Illness: Examining the reasons, the triggers, and the responses of why people become depressed
  19. Making Prescriptions Work for You: The pharmacist is the third partner in the healthcare triad; your relationship with him is important
  20. Smoking and Your Health: No single habit has caused more damage to human health than the abuse of tobacco
  21. HIV Treatment Adherence: HIV diagnosis is frightening, complicated, and confusing; the implications of understanding your treatment
  22. Long-Term Care: How to navigate through a long illness or injury
  23. The Oral-Body Connection: Your teeth will often reveal more about your overall health than almost any part of your body
  24. HIV and Your Teeth: The impact of HIV on your oral health
  25. Pain Management Live Pain-Free: Whether due to illness or injury controlling your pain means understanding your pain
  26. Care for the Wandering Patient: A malady that many families face with an elderly loved one whose mental perception may be diminished
  27. Health Care and Your Client: Helping your patients understand their role and relationship with you as a physician
  28. Spirituality and Aging: The role of beliefs in the state of our health and our age
  29. Home Care: Having a PCA, HHA, or LPN in your home keeps you safe
  30. High Blood Pressure: The silent killer
  31. Obesity and the Risks: Your weight could be killing you
  32. Asthma: How Do I Breathe?: Managing your asthma


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