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We are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate, and supportive service in an ethical manner to our home care clients.

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Health care and its many issues can be frightening, intimidating, and complex for many. These problems only get magnified when there is a limited understanding due to language, age, or fear.

The following presentations are available as powerpoint programs to your community of residents or staff for educational and discussion purposes. All presentations are followed by questions/remarks/ dialogue.

Some presentations are followed by a screening pertaining to the subject. All can be arranged in an auditorium, conference room, or community center room. At Trinamco, our programs are presented by a speaker/health educator. These workshops can be tailored to fit your special needs or audience.

If your desire is to help your staff better understand the issues that many patients face or, perhaps, to help your patients understand the scope of their healthcare problems, then these workshops can help.

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